Onikira: Demon Killer is a 2D side scrolling beat ‘em up set in a fantasy feudal Japan where the player takes on the role of a samurai fighting to prevent the forces of the Japanese underworld from breaking through into the world of the living.

About the game

Onikira: Demon Killer takes the deep fighting mechanics of some of the most amazing 3D beat ‘em ups, like Ninja Gaiden or Bayonetta, and merges them with classic 2D platformer mechanics in a way that has never been done before. For example, launch an enemy into the air, wall jump to position yourself above them, then Katana Slam them into the ground. Switch to the Naginata and use the Naginata Lift and air dash moves to stay in the air and off crumbling platforms, while pulling enemies up to you to be dispatched in mid-air. Whip out your grappling hook to grapple between platforms, across chasms or fiery pits, all the while fending off enemies.

Every level is crammed full of environmental aids to help the player in combat encounters. Slice the support pillars off a building and watch it crush your enemies as it collapses, or use your moves to fling enemies into spikes, pits, or the path of moving deadly objects. Be careful though, as dropping a building on your own head is known to cause sadness!

Please read our post on changing the name of the game

Onikira: Demon Killer is available in Steam Early Access



14th August 2015 - New press release with dates

Hi friends: We are announcing our release date in this wonderfully writen press release check it out.

13th August 2015 - New Trailer

Hi there, the trailer you see above is the new trailer!!! Getting ready for release of the game.

29th July 2015 - Work in progress

Hey fine gamers

In the months since early access we've been working our collective butt off to finish this game. Our final deadline for release was to be July 30th and while we've fixed countless bugs, and added 3 times the content, we feel that if we release tomorrow, the game will be missing that final layer of polish that will take it from being a fun game to being an amazing one. We know that the game in it’s current state far exceeds the early access version in every possible way, so we’re anxious to get it out there, but obviously everything needs to be running as smoothly as possible before that can happen.

So, we have decided to hold off on release for just a few more weeks while we put our final marks on the game. We hope you understand and that this doesn’t come as too much of a disappointment. We promise it will be worth the wait! All of us here are so excited for Onikra’s full release, and we’ve been working like crazy to get there. Thank you for all your reviews both good and bad. We read every one to help us push harder to make the game as good as it can be.

July 2015 - Full release time :D

Hi, so the time has come to release the full game, the date is marked as the 30th of July... we are both incredibly happy and terrified to do this.
Our publishers Head Up Games and Merge Games have been super helpful Thanks.

Also everyone involved in making this game and supporting the making of this game, thanks so much :) [the list is long you know who you are].

I am sure you are wondering how the game is looking these days, some screenshots here:

If you have been playing the game via Early Access, Thanks so much!! we couldn't have done this without you. (cat tax as a thanks :D)

cat tax

If you are a member of the press looking to review the game please use this link to request it.

The awesome Marlow Wiebe is currently working on our trailer, and we'll update this post with it as soon as it's ready.

We are also running an FanArt Competition join! :D

Thanks again.

April 2015 - T-Shirts for the cool people

Look! Its Onikira. Distilled into cloth form. Drape your torso in one of these awesome tees and be the scourge of demons everywhere!

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Limited pre-ordering for Tokyo Game Show

OMG amazing!! Our little Samurai-based hack 'n beat 'em up n' slash thingy got a spot on the Indie show floor at the upcoming Tokyo Game Show 2014(if you are looking for us we are under Andrew O'Connor because forms are confusing), courtesy of Sony. Thanks Sony. THIS IS JUST SIMPLY AWESOME:)

Turns out though, it costs a lot of money to get to Japan,so you can pre-order the game for a limited time. Follow this link for the pre-order page.

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