Changing the name of the game, figuratively and literaly

Sooo, long story short, we have decided to change the name of the game from HonourBound (yes we loved the name too) to Onikira: Demon Killer.

We suffered over this, we went over hundreds of game names that we all liked and hated, and loved and the whole emotion spectrum. All that resulted in Onikira: Demon Killer. We hope you all love it :D

Potential reasons for the name change

  • A gigantic monkey told us to
  • A ridiculous bet on how many pizzas we can eat
  • We lost our honour ? (I was sure it was on the top drawer)
  • Someone else released a game with a strange and "wrong" spelling of the name we were using for the game and they are doing well on app-land.

But look at this amazing looking logo!! I mean I want this on a t-shirt right now!! Don't you? (if you do let us know, so we start selling them :D so we can have that pizza eating competition we imagined earlier)